Monday, 10 September 2012

TCS IT Wiz Bhubaneshwar Prelims 2012

1.1 Byte = how many bits ?
Ans:8 bits

2.What in this world uses MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 digital compression technology and is transmitted using INSAT 4A at 83 degrees E ?
Ans:TATA Sky

3.What is the fullform of COBOL ?
Ans:COmmon Business Oriented Language

4.Grace Murray Hooper wrote the first_____ in 1952? (opt:Bug,Compiler,BIOS)

5.What is Google's headquarters nicknamed ?

6.For which device did Apple make it's Newton OS for?
Ans:Newton PDA

7.Identify him

Ans:Vinod Dham

8.Connect SPSS , LEXMARK , Pwc and the sale of Thinkpad in 2005.

9.What was created by Eduaro Saverin ,Chris Huges , Dustin Muzkovitz and other guy?



11.X was officially launched on MTV on May 12, 2005.The detailed launch and game information divulged later that month at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.What is X ?
Ans:Xbox 360

12.Which former Google executive was hired by Yahoo to take up their Chief Executive Officer Post?
Ans:Marissa Mayer

13.Identify this game

Ans:Cut The Rope

14.Which brand in this world created the Whispernet for its trademark device?

15.Chrome :: Google :::::  Firefox  :: _________ ?

16.Identify the company

Ans:SONY(Vaio TV Ad)

17.Which company acquired Conner Peripherals,Maxtor and EVault?

18.Identify this entity.


19.Who has developed AISHA a competitor for SIRI in the market?

20.Which company makes these(names were erased)


Monday, 3 September 2012

TCS IT Wiz Nagpur Prelims 2012

1.Bob Miner and Ed Oats are the co-founders of which company?

2.XPS,Vostro and Latitude are laptops from which company?

3.Who is the current IT minister of India?
Ans:Kapil Sibal



Ans:Mark Zuckerberg

5.Who owns sites such as Youtube , Blogger and Orkut ?

6.With which company would you associate John T Chambers?

7.What term did Don Hoefler coin in 1971, in the weekly newspaper “Electronic News” describing the area around Sunnyvale and San Jose around California?
Ans:Silicon Valley


Ans:Mozilla Firefox

9.What is the full form of YAHOO ?
Ans:Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle

10.Xolo is a brand from which IT major?
Ans:Intel and Lava Mobiles

11."Keep it simple" is the tagline of ?

12.Which company had a spin off called Agilent Technologies in 1999, merged with Compaq in 2002 and acquired EDS in 2008?
Ans:hp(Hewlett Packard)

13.AIBO the Artificial Intelligence Robot, was the one of several types of robotic pets designed and manufactured by which company?

14.Clawhammer, Newcastle, Palomino, Thunderbird are all codenames for which processor from AMD?

15.The Wii is a video game console released by which company on November 19, 2006?

16.ENIAC was the first general purpose computer. Expand it.
Ans:Electrical Numerical Integrator and Calculator

17.Expand CSV in .CSV files.
Ans:Comma separated values

18.Which company started in Chicago as Galvin Manufacturing Corporation in 1928 with its first product being a battery eliminator?
19.In 1956, IBM researcher Robert H. Dennard invented DRAM cells. Expand DRAM
Ans:Dynamic Random Access Memory



Ans:S. Ramodarai

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

TCS IT Wiz 2012 Pune Prelims

1.Developed in the 1970s by  Cleve Moler at Math Works.Is a revolution in the education industry.ID.

2.What is the full form of IBIBO?
Ans:I Build I BOnd

3.Compatibility and Quality was it's motto and it derived it's name from it,what ?



5.Matthew Charles "Matt" Mullenweg created a website that helps others create other blogs.What did he create?


6.Started as a card making company in 1889. ID.

7.Who is the CEO Of IBM? 
Ans:Virgina Rommety

8.ID the company from the HQ .



9.Who's the father of the Pentium Chip ?
Ans:Vinod Dham

10.Expand .XIF.

Ans:Xerox Image Format

11.What did this person create ?   


12.From Latin , from Ancient Greek word meaning  "likeness, image, portrait". Eastern Orthodox Church sense is attested from 1833. Computing sense first recorded in 1982.Now a common part of the computer lingo.ID the term.


13.With which Indian mobile maker did Intel make Xolo ?

14.What did they create ? 

Ans:PHP(hypertext Preprocessor)

15.A Xis a type of digital media consisting of an episodic series of audio, video, PDF, or ePub files subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication or streamed online to a computer or mobile device. ID X.


16.  ID the authors(points were given even if one author's name was written).


Ans:Andrew S Tanenbaum

 17.Discontiuned on December 15,2011 to make way for Google Plus.Id the service.
Ans: Buzz

18.Had to leave yahoo as it was found that he did not really have a degree and his degree was fake.ID the person.

Ans:Scott Thompson

19.Bob Young and Marc Ewing started what in 1993 which has made significant contributions in the world of Linux? 
Ans:Red Hat

20.ID .


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

TCS IT Wiz Coimbatore Prelims 2012

1.It was also ranked as the No. 1 for customer satisfaction within the first

year of its launch with an overall score of over 95%. It have also been adjudged the 'Buzziest Brands of 2009' i.e. the most searched for brands by surfers, in a survey carried out by a leading online portal in India!
Ans:Virgin Mobile
2.Sanjay Jha is the CEO of ?
3.Denis Ritche created C and other computer language.Which is the other one?
4.Identify the device
Ans:Google Glass
5.Who founded NEXT computer corp?
Ans:Steve Jobs
6.It looks like a dog , but it is a robot.Identify the robot created by Sony ?
7.Identify this person?

Ans:Phaneesh Murthy
8.Which is the computer language developed by John Backus ?
9.This company makes Digital Piano.Identify
10.Expand AJAX
Ans:Asynchronus Javascript And XML
11.Identify this OS
Ans:Windows 8
12.Who says "Speed 1 Terahertz, Memory 1 Zettabyte" ?
Ans:Chitti(in the film Enthiran)
13.Which company is the official Watch sponsor of London Olympics 2012 ?
14.Expand VoIP
Ans:Voice Over Internet Protocol
15.Identify : "Like Lift without L"
16.This Company partnered with Boeing for reducing the sound it produces?
17.Who owns Centipede Origin?
18.Social Networking Site for Professionals ?
19.Now its a Google Domain , but it was before owned by Garfield Comic Strip.Which is the Domain ?
20.What does "CE" signifies ?
Ans:European Conformity

Thursday, 23 August 2012

TCS IT Wiz Chennai prelims 2012

1.    What was started by VSS Mani a local search engine which has processed more than 250,000 requests this year alone?


2.    X was developed because Microsoft did not offer comprehensive windows 7 support for atom processor. It is a merged project of Maemo and Moblin. Now it is known as Tizen OS.

 ID X.


3.    What product is based on Japanese Shokado Bento?


4.    “That one small step for man, One giant leap of Mankind” was spoken by Neil Armstrong on what company’s Transceiver?


5.    Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger are the developers of what famous application?


6.    What is this programming language?


7.    Expand GPRS

Ans:General Packet Radio Service

8.    Nicholas Carr in his book compared “The Big Switch” compared cloud computing to what important utility?


9.    What word that was coined in the 1960’s by Frederic C. Billingsley  to describe the picture elements of video images (especially in TV’s)?


10.    What we commonly use today was first conceptualized at Advanced Research Projects Agency as what?


11.    Who is known as the father of android ? ( Larry Page/Sergey brin/Andy Rubin )

Ans:Andy Rubin

12.    They are the founders of ?


13.    Who wrote this book? 

Ans:Bill Gates

14.    If Galaxy is for Samsung what is it for HTC?

Ans: One Series

15.    The easier it is for you to access your system the easier it is for others to access your system? This is the 3rd statement of what law?

Ans:Schofield law

16.    What is this app?


17.    What is this app?


Ans:Winamp For Android

18.    Expand WPF.

Ans:Windows Presentatio Foundation

19.    Who is the founder of happiest minds also associated with mindtree? 

Ans:Ashok Soota

20.    What is Tokyo Telecommunication Corporation better known as?


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Quiz 6

Identify these personalities-

Steve Wozniak

Bajrne Stroutstrup

Evan Williams

Biz Stone

Richard Stallaman

Quiz 5

1. Name the creator of games such as ‘Plants vs. Zombies', ‘Peggle' and ‘Bejeweled' being bought by EA for a reported $1.3 billion.

2. How did 17-year-old Shree Bose, a high schooler from Texas, make news recently?

3. Microsoft has decided to officially stop supporting which of its successful products on April 8, 2014?

4. What name from the world of Superman comics has been given to the new Tegra quad-core processor?

5. Which of Google's new offerings has the tagline ‘plant a photo, watch it grow'?

6. What is that is making news of late?

7. Name the two Indian cities for which Google Transit was launched on July 13.

8. Of which very addictive game from Finland is Jaakko Iisalo the lead designer?

9. What innovation use in packaging and advertisements was created by Toyota subsidiary Denso-Wave in 1994?

10. Who makes MediaPad, the ‘world's first 7-inch Android 3.2 Honeycomb tablet,' as it is claimed?

1. PopCap Games.
2. She is the Grand Prize winner in Google’s
first-ever Science Fair for her project
that tackled resistance to chemotherapy
among ovarian-cancer patients.
3. Windows XP.
4. Kal-El.
5. It is the new photo-sharing social network,
6. It is going to be the first, dedicated porn-only search engine in the newly established “.xxx” top level domain.
7. Chennai and Hyderabad.
8. Angry Birds.
9. QR Code.
10. Huawei. 

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